International Teaching Program (ITP) "what’s new on p value? "

International Teaching Program (ITP) "what’s new on p value? "

After four years of the national teaching program for the trainees and fellows, the international teaching program (ITP) was first held in 2010 during the Congress of the French society of physical and rehabilitation medicine SOFMER in Marseille. The ITP program is usually a set of courses around a single topic chosen with the association of the PRM trainees (AJMER) and organized by the French academic college of PRM (COFEMER).


The ITP program usually starts the day before the SOFMER congress with a one-day session and lasts during the 3 days of the Congress with several sessions depending on the organizers. As the SOFMER congress is organized each year in a different city, the ITP program is planned by a local member of COFEMER. ITP sessions during the Congress might be early morning scientific sessions every congress day like in 2012 in Toulouse or with daily dedicated workshops like in 2017 in Nancy. Speakers are mostly French or invited speakers.


Since 2007 the program is supported by the Federative Institute for research on Handicap (IFRH) from the National Institute of health and medical research (INSERM).


The attendance to the ITP session is associated with a reduced price and specific accommodation for the SOFMER congress. Every year, 60 to 100 PRM trainees participated in the ITP program.


Since 2014 it has been also organized as a pre-congress session during ESPRM congresses (Botulinum toxin and musculoskeletal disorders in Estoril, Multiple sclerosis management in PRM in 2018 in Vilnius).


The next ITP program will be held in Bordeaux on October 16th 2019.
The topic will be « what’s new on
p value? »

Contact: Mathieu de Seze CHU Pellegrin - Hôpital Tastet Girard Department of physical and rehabilitation medicine

Place Amélie Raba-léon 33076 Bordeaux Cédex