Physikalische Medizin – Rehabilitationsmedizin – Kurortmedizin / Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

 Official Organ:
German Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
German Association of Professional Physicians Rehabilitation Medicine
Austrian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
Austrian Association of Professional Physicians in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
European Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (via Network)
General Information
Publishing 6 issues per year. Articles in German and English language. Scientific articles online available at . Online manuscript submission via 
Scope of the journal
Original articles, case reports and educational articles in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine. Congress abstracts, news from the societies and associations.
History of the journal
The history of the journal goes back to 1898, when the “Zeitschrift für diätetische und physikalische Therapie“ (Journal of dietetic and physical therapy) was founded by Thieme. In the following years, Dietetic Therapy, Balneology, and Climatology were added to the scope of the journal. After World War II, in Eastern and Western Germany two journals were founded and supported by their mutual scientific societies:
1953 Archiv für Physikalische Therapie, Balneologie und Klimatologie
1971 Zeitschrift für Physiotherapie
1970 Zeitschrift für Physikalische Medizin
1980 Zeitschrift für physikalische Medizin, Balneologie, medizinische Klimatologie
These journals were united in 1991, when “Physikalische Medizin, Rehabilitationsmedizin, Kurortortmedizin” was founded. In 2009, the journal received its subtitle: Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and joined the European Journals Network. In addition to this, the journal started publishing CME articles. 

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Smolenski, Jena,