Association of Doctors for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 
Zdruzenie na doktori po fizikalna medicina i rehabilitacija

Board of Directors: 

President: Erieta Nikolikj Dimitrova, erietand@yahoo.com

General Secretary: Maja Manoleva, mmanoleva@hotmail.com

Treasurer: Biljana Kalcoska-Juvanoska  

ESPRM Delegates:

Erieta Nikolikj Dimitrova, erietand@yahoo.com


Website: www.fizijatri.org.mk

Place: Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Address: Elisie Popovski 28, 1000, Skopje, FYR Macedonia
Phone: ++ 389 2 3176 584 ext. 223
Contact e-mail: fizijatri@yahoo.com

Next national congress:

5th Congress of Physiatrists from Republic of Macedonia
2018 Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia
Approximate number of Attendess: 160-200

Year of foundation: 1960 Section of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as part of Macedonian Medical Society (established 1945).

Number of members: there are 130 licensed physicians PMR specialists,
and 16 trainees (residents).

Education for PRM specialty: 4 years of training in nationally approved training centres, with obligatory logbook and final examination.
Communication with our members are by regular mail, e-mail, through our web site and facebook.
Regular meetings with lectures are 4 times a year. Elections are every 4th year.

National congresses with international participation are hold every 4 years.

The Association is responsible for negotiations about all vital aspects of the specialty with Medical Chamber, Macedonian Medical Society, Other Sections of Doctors Specialist part of Macedonian Medical Society, National Fund for Health Insurance, Ministry of Health, University Medical School.