ESPRM in ARUR congress & EARM General Assembly

ESPRM representatives at the 1st International Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Moscow (Russia)
and General Assembly of EARM in Hannover (Germany)


All-Russian Union of Rehabilitators (ARUR) Congress

From November 20 - 21, 2017 the 1st Russian Congress on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) with international participation, jointly organized by the All-Russian Union of Rehabilitators (ARUR) and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation was held. We were welcomed by prof. Galina Ivanova and her team. Carlotte Kiekens represented ESPRM and during the opening ceremony presented, together with Alvydas Juocevicius, the ESPRM congress that will be held from May 1-6, 2018 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

At the official ceremony, Stefano Negrini, on behalf of the European Body Alliance, introduced the 3rd Edition of the White Book on PRM in Europe. He also gave a lecture on EBM in PRM and Cochrane Rehabilitation. Other European representatives: Enrique Varela, Klemen Grabljevec, Rolf Frischknecht, Julii Treger and Lena Lutzky-Treger, Mauro Zampolini, Xanthi Michail and Aivars Vetra also took part in the Congress.

General Assembly of the European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (EARM)

The European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine was welcomed by Christoph Gutenbrunner in Hannover (Germany) on November 23rd and 24th. Antti Malmivaara, chair of the Cochrane Rehabilitation Methodology Committee, gave a lecture on the role of Benchmarking Controlled Trials (BCTs) in rehabilitation research followed by a fascinating debate on pros and cons of BCTs versus RCTs. The 3rd version of the White Book on PRM in Europe was voted and ESPRM 2018 was promoted amongst the members. Jolanta Kujawa, a member of the ESPRM executive committee is amongst the newly elected members. Also, the content of the EARM session at ESPRM 2018 in Vilnius was finally agreed.

European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine session at the 21st European Congress of PRM in Vilnius will held on May 3 (Thursday), 2018, Epsilon Hall, 08.30 - 10.30.