ESPRM in Dutch Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (DCRM)



ESPRM in Dutch Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (DCRM)



On 9 and 10 November 2017 the Netherlands Society of Rehabilitation Medicine (NSRM/ VRA) organized the Dutch Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (DCRM), in cooperation with the Baltic North Sea Forum on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (BNF-PRM) and the Royal Belgian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (RBSPRM) in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

ESPRM was fully represented by

• Carlotte Kiekens, General Secretary of ESPRM, coordinator of Cochrane rehabilitation, member of ESPRM SISC Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)
• Kristian Borg, chair of ESPRM SISC Poliomyelitis
• Alvydas Juocevicius, Deputy Treasurer of ESPRM, president ESPRM2018 congress
• Daan Wever, Treasurer of ESPRM
• Stefano Negrini, chair of ESPRM SISC Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)
• Ilze Haznere, Latvia Delegate
• Pedro Cantista, Member of ESPRM Executive committee
• Thierry Lejeune, Belgian Delegate
• Christoph Gutenbrunner, German Delegate

The congress was very well organized by the NSRM in close collaboration with the BNF PRM (president Aivars Vetra) and the RBSPRM (president prof Valérie Gangji).

There were about 800 attendants from more than 20 countries across the world.

Scientific Committee Joint Congress of the DCRM, BNF-PRM and RBSPRM
Prof. C.A.M. van Bennekom MD PhD, chair scientific committee (NSRM/ DCRM)
J.J.L. Meesters PhD (NSRM/ DCRM)
J. van Meeteren MD PhD (NSRM/ DCRM)
Prof. J. Verbunt MD PhD (NSRM/ DCRM)

Prof. K. Borg

Prof. H.J. Stam

Prof. G. Vanderstraeten

Prof. Henk Stam gave the “Olle Höök” Lecture instead of Prof. Björn Gerdle who was ill.

During the General Assembly of the BNF Prof. Kristian Borg was elected as the new President.

A very interesting session was held related to the Cochrane Rehabilitation, chaired by Prof. Guy Vanderstraeten.

Also there was a very exciting debate on the future of PRM with the title "Moving ahead towards participation?".

During the closing ceremony, Carlotte Kiekens on behalf of ESPRM announced the ESPRM2018 congress in Vilnius.