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15°  E.M.R.S.S. COURSE

The management of drugs in the rehabilitation project.

(Synergies, integration and criticism in the various pathologies)

Syracuse  18th – 21st November 2019


The Euro Mediterranean School was founded in 2005 in Syracuse, where the school activities are located. The school was born as the will of the Mediterranean Forum of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in association with the Scientific Societies of Rehabilitation, SIMFER in particular.

The charter members of the School, named Euro Mediterranean Rehabilitation Summer School (EMRSS), were: the national and regional SIMFER (Italian society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation); the Archimedes University Consortium, the Megara Ibleo University consortium. Simultaneously with the School Charter, the regulation for the School functioning was approved, as well as the Board of directors with Dr Francesco Cirillo, founder of the School, as the first President.

The School aims at implementing, on an annual base, a highly specializing program addressed to young Medical trainees in Physical Medicine and rehabilitation. The program theme, chosen every year, is developed by major experts in the field and allows the trainees to improve their competence about the subject. Each year, the trainees ( representatives from the Euro Mediterranean area ) are chosen by the presidents of the scientific societies of the different countries.

These have been the topics discussed:

2005 ‘Electromyography and the treatment of spasticity with the botulinum toxin‘.

2006 ’Pain and Mobility‘.

2007 ‘High care and Rehabilitation‘.

2008 ‘Prosthesis and orthoses in rehabilitation‘(In 2008, the school was entitled to Haim Ring)

2009 "Spinal diseases”.

2010 "Stroke, from A to Z".

2011 ’Rare diseases, disabilities and rehabilitation strategies’.

2012 9th Mediterranean Forum of PRM Congress in Sorrento.

2013 " Recent trends in spinal cord injury rehabilitation"

2014 " Diagnostic and Therapeutic role of the instrumental approach in rehabilitation medicine" 2015 "The role of Functional Assessment and rehabilitation in Parkinson's disease"

2016 " Physical Agents - Up to date "

2017 " Manual Medicine "

2018 " Injections and Interventional Therapy in musculoskeletal rehabilitation "


In 2019 we propose: " The management of drugs in a rehabilitation project "

Syracuse! The most important centre of Greek culture in the Mediterranean area. Its human, cultural, architectural and artistic stratification makes Syracuse unique in the history of the Mediterranean Sea. The town is universally known and today it is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Syracuse is waiting for you! Between myth and legend, art and culture, landscape and good food, Syracuse welcome young people, sharing magical moments with them, in the enchanting scenery of Ortigia.

All the information about the School are on our website www.emrss.it

EMRSS President

Dr Francesco Cirillo


15° Euro Mediterranean Rehabilitation Summer School (E.M.R.S.S). COURSE

The management of drugs in the rehabilitation project.

(Synergies, integration and criticism in the various pathologies)

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