26th National PMR Congress


26th National PMR Congress
25-29 April 2017




Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Turkish Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, we will be honored and happy to welcome you at the 26th National Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Congress, which we will organize between 25-29 April 2017 in Antalya.

Human health is in a dynamic process with the socioeconomic changes of the societies together with the scientific and technological developments in the present day. We, Physicians of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, aimed to, in the name of health, cope with the limitations of activities that arise depending on the environments in which they live, or to cope with their inability to participate in everyday life, to provide optimal functioning and to survive independently. We have chosen to offer our professional life in the most effective way to the benefit of our patients, with our enriched practice, in the light of our updated knowledge of basic education and general health and rehabilitative approach to achieve this goal.

The 26th National Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Congress's theme is "Health from Disease". Rehabilitation is an indispensable step in the concept of transition to health. We hope that this conference will be the most important step in reaching the health, that it can be used in the name of the rehabilitation, which is the most important step in reaching health, that it will be an important resource to provide ideas for contributing to new scientific studies and to develop the most efficient education models. This resource will develop with your participation and reach its goal.

Towards this goal, we have designed a comprehensive program to update our knowledge of our professional interests in the congress, to develop our capabilities, and to increase expectations of national and international coordination. The main themes of the congress are as follows: 'Updates in Musculoskeletal System Diseases', 'Updates in Rheumatologic Diseases' and 'Updates in Rehabilitation', 'Algology', '' Clinical Norophysiology '' and '' Traditional Complement And Regenerative Medicine Methods ''. In addition, our colleagues will share their knowledge and experience in panels and courses organized by our working groups during the congress to ensure that they have access to the most up-to-date information with panels or courses that they may choose according to their interests.

We also planned "Expert Consultation-Case Discussion" and "Tough Events" sessions where our colleagues who are experts in the field think that they might be interested, and that our colleagues can also ask / discuss difficult patients. In these sessions, we will try to find all of the answers to the questions we frequently encounter in the specific issues and in the case of feature events. We also plan open sessions in areas such as "Health Board Reports and Regulation", "General Health Insurance and Problems" which are part of our lives in practical life.

Our Summer and Winter Schools, which bring together our colleagues who continue to specialist education, know each other, share their experiences and aim for standardization of education, are implemented twice a year. This year we are aiming to make our summer school program together with the congress. For this purpose, our assistants, who are recommended by our education hospitals, will attend our Summer School two days before the congress and will benefit from scientific activities in the sponsorship of our association, which will be held later.

As we all know, our national congresses are important opportunities for our colleagues working in many different institutions and institutions to come together to realize scientific and social sharing. In addition to the scientific programs in the congress, social programs that will be strengthened with the participation of you will prepare this congress will be unforgettable. We wish to contribute to the strengthening of our unity and unity we need as the congregation we want to meet in order to share our knowledge and experience in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

With the wish to meet at the congress ...


Prof. Dr. Aysegul KETENC?

President TFT Association and the 26th National Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Co-Chairman

Prof. Dr. Sea cottages

TFT Association Board Member and Co-Chairman of the 26th National Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation