Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine is the official peer-reviewed journal of the Croatian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Croatian Medical Association. The journal was founded in 1984 and it is published twice a year as a double issue (No. 1-2/3-4). Its coverage of topics regarding the specialty of physical and rehabilitation medicine also extends to interdisciplinary field of rehabilitation.

The journal publishes reviews and original articles that report on important trends and developments in the field, case reports and to inform rehabilitation professionals of developments that affect them in the nonclinical aspect of their practices. It is mainly focused on the practice of interest to rehabilitation professionals. It brings readers relevant information on the therapeutic utilization of physical and pharmaceutical agents in providing comprehensive care for persons with disabilities and chronically ill individuals. Periodically supplements with abstracts or full-texts presented at the congresses or symposia are published, too (e.g. Sudeck’s syndrome in 2001 or The Croatian-Slovenian Symposium on Rehabilitation Medicine in 2007), as well as information regarding activities of the Croatian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and its members in Croatia and abroad.

The articles are published in Croatian (with the Abstract and Key words in English) or in English (with the Abstract and Key words in Croatian). We are very proud that we published the Croatian translation of The White Book on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Europe (Eds. Christoph Gutenbrunner, Anthony B Ward, M Anne Chamberlain), which was among the first non-English versions.

Editors in Chief:
Frane Grubišić, MD,
Simeon Grazio,