Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, Health (Bulgaria)

Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, Health (Bulgaria) is the official journal of the Bulgarian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The journal was founded in 2002. It is the successor of the Journal of Physical, Health Resort and Rehabilitation Medicine, which has been published since 1964 as the official journal of the  Scientific Society of Physiotherapy and Health resort medicine. From 1964 to 1991 its name was Curortology and Physiotherapy.
The journal publishes  4 issues per year, peer reviewed articles. The journal publishes reviews and original articles of scientific and clinical value in the field of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, case reports, book reviews, editorials, full-texts of papers presented at congresses and conferences, practical information, presentation of health resorts, papers concerning education and competences, information about the activities of the Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and its members in Bulgaria and abroad.
The articles are published in Bulgarian with the abstracts and key words in English. Recently we started to publish articles of authors from abroad, which are translated in Bulgarian.
The editor in chief t is Assoc Prof Marin Marinkev, MD, PhD.

Editor in Chief: Prof Marin Marinkev, MD, PhD, mmarinkevmarinkev@yahoo.com
Associated Editor in Chief:  Prof Elena Ilieva, MD, PhD, elena_md@yahoo.com