Chair of the committee

E mail:

University Rehabilitation Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Head of department for rehabilitation of persons with acquired brain injury, multiple sclerosis and neuromuscular diseases.
Head of spasticity treatment unit.

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Committee Aims:
1. Identifying the "white spots" of regions in Europe, where treatment of spasticity is insufficient or the problem is ignored.
2. Collecting the information about the current possibilities of treating spasticity in the European countries and regions.
3. Identifying the real needs ( and prevalence) of the patients regarding the treatment of spasticity.
4. Independent distribution of clinical knowledge - with the emphasis on the awareness of the secondary complications of untreated spasticity - especially in the regions where treatment is known to be non-sufficient

Committee Goals:
1. Promoting the clinical and social research in the field of spasticity related burden of care.
2. Promoting the use of ICF in the assesment of spasticity related problems
3. Promoting the use of best clinical practice based on EBM platform – resulting in ESPRM recommendations for spasticity treatment.
4. Identifying the "alternative" methods used or recommended for treating generalised and focal spasticity and give a recommendation to use or decline them.

Committee Actions planned:
1. Organisation of SISC symposium at the ECPRM: first challenge at 21st congress in Vilnius 2018
2. Promotion of the spasticity as the main reason for the movement restriction after central nervous system injury (review article in EJPRM)
3. Survey among European countries
               - methods available and used to treat focal / generalised spasticity
               - accessability of those methods for the users
4. Organisation of the educational events (independent or included in international events):

Collaborating Key persons:
Carlotte Kiekens (BE) ;
Anthony Ward (UK) ;
Thiery Lejeune (BE);
Saša Moslavac (CRO);
Piotr Tederko (PL);
Renato Nunes (POR);
Eftimios Kouloulas (GR);
Christina Anastasia Rapidi (GR) / SCI SISC;
Mauro Zampolini (IT) / MS SISC;
Mark Delargy (IRL) / TBI SISC;
Katharina Sunnerhagen (SWE) / STROKE SISC;
Tatjana  Paternostro-Sluga (AUT) / Persons with peripheral nerve disorders SISC;
Thierry Deltombe (BE) – ESPRM PRM MD specislist Expert in spasticity network;

Collaborating Research & Clinical Facilities:
Dept. for PRM - UZ Leuven (BE)
UC Louvain (BE)
PRM dept., Universite de Versailles - Saint Quentin (FR)
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Linköping University (SWE)
Roessingh Center for Rehabilitation, Enschede,  The Netherlands
University Rehabilitation Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Université and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Marseille, France
Institut Guttmann, Barcelona, Spain
Ηaccetepe University, Ankara
Μarmara University, Istanbul
Charles University of Prague