Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis
Chair of the committee
Mauro Zampolini
E mail:
Specialization in Neurology and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Research in Neurophysiology in Institute of Human Physiology, work in Rehabilitation Unit of Trevi Hospital expert in SM Rehabilitation,
Head of Department of Rehabilitation, studies about postural impairment in SM, Telerehabilitation for SM, started study about cognitive rehabilitation in SM
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Committee Aims: Connect the European Expert of rehabilitation for multiple sclerosis, promote research topics and involve the patient organization.
Committee Goals:  
Collecting recommendations from guidelines in collaboration with UEMS-PRM
Spreading the evidences in collaboration with the Cochrane Rehabilitation
Inspiring research topics in MS Rehabilitation also from the perspective of the person 
Putting the multiple sclerosis rehabilitation in an international PRM network
Make a survey to know the involvement of PRM doctors in the different countries (to be presented in Vilnius Congress)
Connect this network with the patients association
Committee Actions planned: Collecting guidelines and recommendation
Committee Actions performed:
Contacts to create the Network
Collected the guidelines
Collaborating Key persons:
Susana Munoz 
Peter Feys 
Collaborating Research Facilities: University of Milan
Collaborating Clinical Facilities:
MS Center of Dept of Rehabilitation Foligno, Italy
Istituto Auxologico Milan, 
Names of the members of the directory working in close cooperation with the head of the committee:
Tesio Luigi,
Specialist in PRM, Full Professor of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Università degli Studi di Milano.
He performed several studies of the measurements in Rehabilitatition.
He translated and validated in Italian the FIM, Used the Rasc analysis as a new metric system for the measurement in Rehabilitation.
Other studies have been carried out about gait and balance. He has participated in the scientific comm. of Italian foundation of multiple sclerosis. 
 Corea Francesco,
 Neurologist, with a PhD on Phatophysiology of recovery processes at the University of Perugia, Italy 2002;
after was appointed neurologist in the Dep. of Neurology and Multiple Sclerosis unit  at IRCCS San Raffaele Milano, Italy until 2009.  Later had a position in the Brain Injury Unit of Usl Umbria2, Italy.Investigator in several clinical trial including Plegridy Satisfaction  Study in Participants (PLATINUM) and actively involved in Registro Italiano Sclerosi Multipla former iMED-Web database.  
Author or co-author of over 100 publications in Neurology field with 1720 citations.
Djamel Bensmail, 
professor of physical and rehabilitation medicine at the university of Versailles Saint Quentin since 2010 and head of the spinal cord injury-multiple sclerosis unit and spasticity management unit of the R. Poincaré hospital. He is director of the Master degree Neurological Handicap from Paris Saclay university. He is president of the Garches Foundation dedicated to neurological handicap (research, education and patient management). He is coordinator of a  MS care resource and referral center in the western part of Paris area. He is member of the team 3 of the U1179 (ENDICAP) Inserm-UVSQ laboratory. He is also a board member of the French society of physical medicine and rehabilitation (SOFMER). He published 88 peer-reviewed original publications. 
Hospices Civils de Lyon - Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Unité INSERM U1028 Equipe Impact CNRS UMR5292
Centre de echerche des Neurosciences de Lyon
Martina Kövári,
Medical vice-Director of Clinic of Rehabilitation and Sports  Medicine of 2nd Medicine Faculty of Charles University and Motol Faculty Hospital
Prague, Czech Republic