PRM in children

PRM in children



Chair of the committee

Wilhelmus (Wim) Janssen
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D, PhD
He was partly trained in the Johanna Stichting Arnhem, the eldest specialized centre for PRM in children in the Netherlands. 
Specialist in PRM since 1990, Europ Board Certific 1993; 
Dr. Wim Janssen is since 1994 consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine at the Erasmus MC University of Rotterdam. Since the mid 90's he is involved in care for children with congenital and acquired upper limb differences.
He was involved in research on this topic. Nowadays he is also involved in children with upper limbs reduction deficiencies and amputations.

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Committee Aims: promote the role of PRM in diagnosis and rehabilitation of children with disabling disorders, for example neuromuscular disorders, cerebral palsy 

Committee Goals:  form the committee, collaborating structures and to formulate the final goals. Members will be working in close cooperation with the head of the committee. several goals will be defined in the field of education, research and training

Committee Actions planned: forming committee, discussing goals and defining final action plan with time table

Committee Actions performed: Inquiry mailed to form the committee

Collaborating Key persons: To be Decided