Rehabilitation of Metabolic Conditions

Rehabilitation of Metabolic Conditions

Special Interest Scientific Committee:

Rehabilitation of Metabolic Conditions

Chaired by professor Paolo Capodaglio (

Director Rehabilitation Dept and Research Lab in Biomechanics and Rehabilitation at Istituto Auxologico Italiano, the Italian reference Institute for Metabolic Disorders. In the last 10 years has published over 100 papers and 1 Springer book in this field. Invited speaker and chair at various international PRM congresses on this topic, member ISPRM Clinical Science Committee.


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Capodaglio P, Brunani A, Giustini A,  Negrini S, Saraceni LM, Akyüz G, Imamura M.. Disability in obesity with comorbidities. A perspective from the PRM Societies[B1]. Eur J Phys Rehabil Med 2014;50:129-32        

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Paolo Capodaglio, Elena Ilieva, Aydan Oral, Carlotte Kiekens, Stefano Negrini, Enrique VAarela Donoso, Nicolas Christodoulou and the UEMS-PRM EBPP Methodological Group. Evidence-based position paper on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) professional practice for people with obesity and related comorbidities. The European PRM position (UEMS PRM Section). European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine 2017 August;53(4):611-24

P Capodaglio, A Liuzzi, J Faintuch (eds). Disabling obesity: from determinants to care models. Springer Verlag, Heidelberg. 2013

Committee Aims:

increase awareness and knowledge on the role of PRM in managing disability related to metabolic conditions
publish statements and guidelines for Rehabilitation in this field
create a European network active in multidisciplinary research and rehabilitation care
create liaison with the other ESPRM SISC, particularly Public Health

Committee Goals:

promotion of specific Sessions within the next ESPRM Congresses
publication of GRADE guidelines

Committee Actions planned:

establish a European network  active in multidisciplinary research and rehabilitation care
promotion of a specific Session within the next ESPRM Congresses
publication of GRADE guidelines


Names of the members of the directory:

Giuseppe Riva - Full Professor of General Psychology and Communication Psychology at the Catholic University of Milan, Italy and Head Researcher of the the Applied Technology for Neuro-Psychology Laboratory - ATN-P Lab., Istituto Auxologico Italiano, Verbania Italy; President of the International Association of CyberPsychology, Training, and Rehabilitation and member of the steering committee of the Society for Computers in Psychology.

Elena Ilieva - Head of Rehabilitation Department, Vice Dean of Medical Faculty, Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Davide Malatesta - Senior Lecturer, Institut des Sciences du Sport, Dept. Physiology, University of Lausanne, CH.