Persons with TBI

Persons with TBI



Chair of the committee

Mark Delargy
E mail:

Clinical Director of the National Rehabilitation Hospital NRH Ireland
Medical Direcor Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine 
Lead physician for Neurobehaviour Rehabilitation after TBI
Senior Fellowship European Board Physical Medicine Rehabilitation
Executive Committee ESPRM
Chair for UEMS Clinical Affairs Committee

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Committee Aims: To promote the role of the specialist in PRM for persons with TBI.

Committee Goals:  TBI within PRM

Committee Actions planned
Propose educational programmes for TBI related to ESPRM
To promote the ue of the ICF core sets for TBI (ICF SIG and ESPRM use)

Committee Actions performed: Initiated the Special Interest Committee within Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine for Persons with TBI

Collaborating Key persons:
Sara Laxe ( Co -Chair)
Klemen Gabrljevec
Paolo Boldrini
Renato Nunes

Collaborating Clinical Facilities: NRH, Insitute Gutmann,