Persons with Parkinson / Movement disorders

Persons with Parkinson / Movement disorders



Chair of the committee

Maria Gabriella Ceravolo
E mail:

Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine – UNIVPM - Politecnica delle Marche University – ANCONA, ITALY
Head of Neurorehabilitation Clinic and Coordinator of the Movement Disorder Centre - Azienda Ospedali Riuniti, ANCONA.
Main research field: Epidemiology of Parkinson’s disease-related disability. Effectiveness of rehabilitation approaches and innovative treatment (DBS) in Parkinson’s disease.  
Instrumental assessment of posture and gait in Parkinson’s disease patients

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Committee Aims: To promote clinical research on rehabilitation in Parkinson’s disease and help to accelerate the standardization of functional assessment and rehabilitation strategies and the spread of good clinical practice.

Committee Goals:  
- To carry out clinical research studies ;  in particular, to provide excellent foundations for multi-centre studies aimed at improving functional diagnosis and rehabilitation therapy of Parkinson’s disease. The network members should be qualified for conducting clinical trials, self-initialized research projects as well as epidemiological research. Furthermore, the network will support comparative studies, such as the  analysis of health care strategies in all participating countries
 - To identify and link to other European networks involved in clinical research in Parkinson’s disease in order to contaminate their scopes of improve the understanding of functional consequences of pharmacological and surgical treatment

Committee Actions planned: to establish the infrastructure of a European clinical research

Committee Actions performed: In 20th European Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation

Collaborating Key persons:
Giovanni Abbruzzese, MD, PhD, Professor of PRM at University of Genova, Italy,  
Fabrizio Stocchi, MD, PhD, Director of the research centre for Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders. IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana, Roma, Italy
Volodymyr A. Golyk MD, PhD, - Academic Director , School for Rehabilitation Medicine, Ukrainian Catholic University
Patrizio Sale, MD, PhD, Assistant PRM Professor at University of Padova, Italy
Marianna Capecci, MD, PhD, Assistant PRM Professor at Politecnica delle Marche University , Italy

Collaborating Research Facilities: 
Research Centre in Neurosciences and Neuroengineering, University of Genova, ITaly
IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana, ROMA, ITaly,
Dept. of PRM , University of Padova, Italy

Collaborating Clinical Facilities: 
Laboratory of Clinical Neurophysiology, Neurorehabilitation Service, DINOG, University of Genova 
IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana, ROMA, ITaly,
Dept. of PRM , University of Padova, Italy


Names of the members of the directory working in close cooperation with the head of the committee:


Patrizio Sale,
Dr. Patrizio Sale is Assistant Professor in PRM at University of Padova. He, annually, leads university courses for professional educators, physiotherapists and medical trainees in physical medicine and rehabilitation. His research work focuses on Parkinson and Stroke robotic-assisted rehabilitation. This include an initiative to develop a new wearable robot to help stroke survivor in ADL.
He is author of around 80 publications (research articles and review) on prestigious international journal with impact factor and has a total impact factor of 250 and a global h-index of 13. He is reviewer of International scientific journals. He is Member of Italian Society of Neurological Rehabilitation (SIRN), Italian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (SIMFER), Neuroscience Society


Marianna Capecci,
Assistant Professor in PRM at  Università Politecnica delle Marche – Clinical and Experimental Medicine Department, Neurological Rehabilitation Section, Senior Registrar at Neurorehabilitation Clinic.
- neurological rehabilitation
- movement disorders
- computerised movement analysis (biomechanics, dynamic electromyography, posturography)
Author of more than 60 papers: 18 research articles, more than 50 national and international workshops' proceedings and one chapter of an e-learning course.
Teacher of "Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation" and "Neurological Rehabilitation" at the University Politecnica delle Marche. She, annually, leads university courses for professional educators, physiotherapists and medical doctors specializing in physical medicine and


Volodymyr A. Golyk, E-mail business:,
                                  E-mail private: 
- Academic Director , School for Rehabilitation Medicine
- Consultant neurologist, Rehabilitation center, School for Rehabilitation Medicine. 
- Lecturer (postgraduation neurologists, GPs, medical students): neurorehabilitation, Parkinson`s disease, spasticity, vestibular disorders, ICF use, headache etc.
- Coordinator SubClaster “Disability and Rehabilitation” at WHO
236 scientific publications (36 in English, 1 chapter in international neurological textbook, 11 textbooks and methodical recommendations in Ukrainian)
Research areas:
Rehabilitation, neurorehabilitation, ICF issues, spasticity (BoNT use), Parkinson`s disease and other movement disorders, vestibular disorders, headache, epidemiology of disability due to neurological disorders.