Orthotics and Prosthetics

Orthotics and Prosthetics



Chair of the committee

Helena Burger
E mail: helena.burger@ir-rs.si

Medical Director of the University Rehabilitation Institute, Republic of Slovenia 
• Professor of PRM at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.  
• the President of ISPO Slovenia 
• board member of the Prosthetics Orthotics International, IJRR and JRM
• member of European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 
• established the programme for Land Mine Victims Rehabilitation 
• published over 50 articles in International Journals 
• participated at several European and national projects 

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Committee Aims: to create a network and to perform independent multicentric and multinational research

Committee Goals:  include and connect centres and individuals (start with PRM specialist) who are clinically working with patients who needs P&O and are also doing research in the field (have at least 5 published articles on P&O) in Europe

Committee Actions planned:
Ask ESPRM and UEMS delegates for experts in their countries
Collaboration with ISPO (International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics)
Including researchers with different background

Committee Actions performed
Programme of 2 sessions at the next ESPRM congress
Ask ESPRM and UEMS delegates for experts in their countries

Collaborating Key persons:
Rory O’Connor, UK 
Corry van der Sluis, Holland 
Laurent Bensoussan, France 
Stefano Negrini, Italy 
Nicola Ryal, Ireland
Marco Trabalesi, Italy