Chair of the committee

Pedro Cantista
E mail:

Professor of PRM and Medical Hydrology at the Porto University
President of the International Society of Medical Hydrology (ISMH)
President of the Portuguese Society of Medical Hydrology (SPHM)
Coordinator of the UEMS –PRM Section Permanent Working Group on Balneology
Clinical Director of Termas de S. Jorge and Luso in Portugal

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Committee Aims: To develop Balneology knowledge, Education, Research and Good Clinical Practice within PRM (all them evidence-based)

Committee Goals: To establish the tools for the Development of the Cooperation of PRM 

Committee Actions planned:
Organization of a Special Session on Balneology at the next ESPRM Congress in Vilnius
Organization of a Balneology Summer School at the “Balneário Pedagógico de Vidago”, in cooperation with the ISMH

Committee Actions performed: We start to build a protocol of collaboration with “AQUANET” – a network of organizations linked to Medical involvement in Balneology 

Collaborating Key persons:
Milica Lazovic
Christoph Guttenbrunner (invited)
Xanthi Michail (invited)
Enrique Varela (invited)
Francisco Maraver
Christian-François Roques
Tamás Bender
Zeki Karagulle
Frederico Teixeira
António Jorge dos Santos Silva

Collaborating Research Facilities:
Universidade do Porto – ICBAS
Universidade Complutense de Madrid

Collaborating Clinical Facilities:
Balneário Pedagógico de Vidago
Termas de Luso
Termas de S. Jorge