Persons with Stroke

We inform that prof. Katharina Sunnerhagen has resigned from the position of Chair of the Committee, and that new Chair of this SISC will be elected in 2019.

Chair of the committee: To be announced

Committee Aims: Try to promote stroke rehabilitation in Europe through the life span of the patients.

Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) :


Names of the members of the directory working in close cooperation with the head of the committee:


Ayse A. Küçükdeveci
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Ayse A. Küçükdeveci, M.D., is a full professor at the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Medical Faculty of Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey. Her main interest areas are neurological rehabilitation including stroke, hand rehabilitation, assessment and outcome measurement in PRM, and neuropathic pain. She authored over 100 publications including articles in peer-reviewed international /national journals and chapters in national and international text-books.


Mauro Zampolini
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Specialist in Neurology and Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Chief of Rehabilitation of Rehabilitation USL Umbria 2, Director of Stroke unit and Neurology of Foligno Hospital


Galina Ivanova
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Dr. Galina Ivanova is Professor and Chair of Department of medico-social rehabilitation research of the Institute of cerebrovascular pathology and stroke at the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU, Chief specialist of medical rehabilitation of the Ministry of health of Russia and Senior consultant at the hospital of incurable patients and rehabilitation center «Preodolenie» for patients with diseases and injuries of the nervous system. Dr. Galina Ivanova started to work in a stroke unit already in 1990. Since the early 1990’s she has been active in stroke care and research.  Dr. Galina Ivanova is actively involved in the development of guidelines for stroke nationally. She is extensively published, with around 250 peer-reviewed original articles in various scientific and scientific-practical journals of Russia.


Volodomyr Golyk
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MD (Neurology), PhD, Assoc. Prof. in Neurology, currently Director, School of Rehabilitation Medicine at Ukrainian Catholic University (L`viv).     


Guna Berzina
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Thierry Lejeune



Marco Franceschini
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Alain Yelnik
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Dominic Perennou
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