ESPRM Executive Committee 2019 - 2023


  Full Name Title Video Presentation
Nicolas CHRISTODOULOU  President
Operative duties: General Representation of ESPRM, Coordination of Congresses and Executive Committee activities, Close follow and updating of Statutes and By-laws.

General Secretary
Operative duties: All Secretarial affairs including Endorsements, European programs coordination and increasing Individual Members project.

Daniel WEVER

Operative duties: Accounts, memberships and communication with auditing committee.
Kristian BORG Member
Operative duties: Coordination with Scientific Bodies. Cooperation and Liaison with Baltic and North Sea Forum for PRM
François Constant BOYER Member
Operative duties: SISCs Coordination and Cooperation with Cochrane Rehabilitation Field
Klemen GRABLJEVEC Member
Operative duties: Information and Communication Committee and Liaison with Mediterranean Forum for PRM

Operative duties: Coordination of the European PRM Summer Schools and close follow up of ESPRM Action Plan.

Alain DELARQUE Past president and General Advisor to the Executive Committee
Meri PEDRON ESPRM Secretariat Assistant