Aims & Goals

Aims & Goals
The ESPRM aims  are:

  • To be the leading scientific European Society for physicians in the field of physical and rehabilitation medicine
  • To improve the knowledge of fundamentals and the management of activities, participation and contextual factors of people with a disability.
  • To improve  and  maintain  a  strong  connection between research and clinical practice in PRM

The Goals:

  • To facilitate international exchange regarding different aspects of rehabilitation research, including disseminating information about rehabilitation related funding, multicenter trials, national and European projects, meetings and congresses.
  • To provide means to facilitate research activities and communications at the European level.
  • To organize a biannual European  Congress of PRM, and  many  other Meetings  on  different specific  Topics, involving experts and researchers from  different competences (other Societies  not  only Medical).
  • To  promote   definition  of  Guidelines.
  • To provide information to local, national and European governments about the contents, aims and evidence based efficacy of PRM.
  • To influence national governments and European organizations to support initiatives and co-operation in the fields of research in PRM in  a close co-operation with the UEMS, the European Board of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, the Académie de Médecine Physique et de Réadaptation,and  the  Mediterranean Forum of PRM